10-days X-mas camp

In December we have a special offer for you:

  • a 5 days camera acting course
  • writing and working on showreel scenes (german and/or English)
  • rehearsal for the shooting
  • 2 days of shooting
  • 1 day photo shooting, make up artist included
  • resume

All this in one package!

During the first 5 days we will practice the most important camera acting tools and write the scenes, 2 custom showreel scenes per participant.

After that there are 2 days planned for rehearsals and 2 days for the shooting.

Our equipment includes two 4k cameras and professional audio equipment.

On the last day there is a photo session and you will receive 3 edited head shots as well as the rest in unedited state. You can choose 3 different outifts and will get your makeup done by a makeup artist.

You will receive our professional coaching even during the photo shooting.

As a finisher we will update your resume or even redo it from scratch if necessary.

After post production you will get your finished showreel with about three minutes of length.

Together with your edited headshots and your improved resume you will be able to perfectly present yourself and apply to casting directors, agencies as well as film productions.

Christin Amy is a script writer, actress and director with international experience.

The scenes of your showreel will be written by you in cooperation with Christin Amy. Because of her work and shootings overseas, the camera acting courses are influenced by her experiences with the best acting coaches in Los Angeles.


  • December 9 – December 13 camera acting + writing scenes (10am – 4pm, snacks and drinks provided by us)
  • December 14 – December 17 rehearsal + showreel shooting (10am – 7pm)
  • December 18 photo shooting session (10am – 6pm)

Price: € 1800.- (Payment by installments possible)

Contact: +43 699 11883546 or info@newactingproject.com