Showreel – film scenes

Actors/actresses can choose between german and english film scenes. Each scene is created from scratch and will show diverse emotional facets, depending on the dramaturgic approach.

In order to attain depth and credibility throughout the scene, participants will receive coaching sessions pre production as well as on set. Our professional and specialized film-TV camera crew works with two cameras which ensures best possible quality while shooting different angles or tracking shots.

The sound designer on set as well as during post production employs high end equipment to reach cinema standard. During post production our editing team amplifies the dynamics throughout the scenes with precise cuts. One of our special services is the sound design created by our music department for each film scene. Color grading adds a personal touch to each scene during post production.

Our showreels are completed in HD format and can be transferred with various media (DVD + Cover, USB, data transfer)


Christin Amy Artner: director, coaching, script writing

Tristan Überbacher: director assistant

Stephan Pen / Elis Zuleger: DOP and editor

Florian Deutsch: audiopost and sound design

TBA: lighting

TBA: make-up

TBA: set photographer