Camera Acting (5 days)

This course spans over 5 days and is a masterclass, aimed at beginners in front of the camera as well as advanced actresses and actors. We work exclusively on film scenes and explore following topics:

  • the character`s need, public persona, tragic flaw
  • the character`s private moment
  • the 5 C`s
  • script breakdown
  • standard american diction training

You can choose between scenes in English and/or German language. We film the scenes and analyze them afterwards.

Camera Acting

What requires which camera setup? How do I cultivate my presence in front of a camera? How can I spontaneously transform directing instructions into truthful acting? Precision in front of the camera, focus on the given role despite distraction from the set, magic of the moment, interaction with the scene partner, just to name a few. During the work on our roles we engage with public persona, need and tragic flaw. No human being, no matter in life or as a role in a script is a blank page. It is the old wounds, our hidden fears, secret wishes, aspirations, our actions and circumstances in our life that define who we are – human. As an actor I have to embark on a journey, look at all the above mentioned, experience it – in my life as well as in my given role. The three basic dimensions that define every human and every role are:

Public Persona, the persona that one wears in front of others, the mask that hides our true self, our hidden needs – the unfulfilled need.

Unfulfilled Need, the unfulfilled needs, desires who takes root during ones childhood and acts as the driving force throughout ones life.

Tragic Flaw, the dimension that influences all our actions and which reaches its peak once our needs grow stronger than the persona, overwhelming it and dragging out unfulfilled needs towards the surface.

To be authentic in a role one has to find each of these three dimensions and experience them – for ones self as well as for the role.


Christin Amy Artner: method acting/camera acting