Our team NewActingProject focuses on quality for our services aimed at german as well as english speaking actors/actresses. These services consist of the following. Creating a new and suspense filled script with it’s characters specifically tailored towards the participants. This offers the opportunity to showcase the bandwith of emotions in the highlights of the film scenes. Throughout the process of realizing a role participants get intensive method acting coaching in order to perfect their acting skills in the film scenes. For our english scenes we provide american diction training for our non native english speakers. The quality provided by our technic crew – camera and editing, as well as sound and music – is up to international  cinema standard.

Christin Amy Artner– Showreel 2017

Das Testament – Shortfilm (Trailer)

Walking Dogs – Showreel Filmscene

Current Dates


NEW!!! 10 X-mas Camp


Camera Acting

November 7 – 8 & 10 – 12 in Vienna

December 9 – 13 in Vienna

January 17 – 21 in Vienna

February 6 – 10 in Vienna

Showreel Shooting

November 16 – 19 in Vienna

December 14 – 17 in Vienna

January 25 – 28 in Vienna

February 15 – 18 in Vienna

Short Film Production

upon request

Camera Acting

In our Camera Acting course we exclusively work with the camera and learn how to cope with various camera settings and details. Acting skills like creating a script breakdown, character analysis and scene study are further topics of this course..

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Showreel Film Scenes

The showreel film scenes created, shot and edited by our creative team and technicians are stand alone film scenes with momentary emotional peaks, accentuated with professional sound design. This allows actors/actresses to present themselves in an expressive way in a high quality film scene for their own showreels.

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Short Film Production

In our short film projects actors/actresses get to star in a specially created short film. Average length is 15 minutes. Our shortfilms get submitted to film festivals thus adding a possibility of an IMDb entry for the actors/actresses.

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